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My love for eyewear has been going on for over 27 years since I've started
working in this business.
During these years, while finishing a BA in Graphic Design, I worked as a
designer for "Galilee Optics" the factory in Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, where I also
designed several Private Label collections for different companies.
Following this, I was a Frames Fashion Stylist for “Opticana” - one of the
largest chains in Israel and then moved to be VP of Frames Sales in “Dagil” - a leading Eyewear distribution company at the time.
For the past 7 years, I am the designer of my own brand, Ronex - a unique
collection of hand-painted eyewear for men and women.

One of my dreams was to design an artist-inspired Eyewear collection. I chose to start with Frida Khalo, the Mexican painter, who’s art and chose to start with Frida Khalo, the Mexican painter, who’s art and personality I like very much. Other inspirations came during my visits to art
exhibitions, museums around the world, nature walks and countries, such as amazing Japan.


During the course of my work there, I designed frames for large companies abroad as part of our private label program. 

I was responsible for all sales ( POP) and marketing materials, including catalogs, posters and designing the factory’s booths/stands in yearly international Optic exhibitions, in cities like Milan, Paris and New York. 


Fashion coordinator for Israel’s largest optical chain called  "Opticana" ,

a position I built and which still exists today – where I was responsible for the frame collations in the stores and and the kind of frames needs and for the point of sales displays and store decorations.


Manager of the frames department at a wholesale company called "Dagil".

I designed collections for the company's brands.


Opened my own unique shop
An eyeglass shop and a second-hand shop called

which is located on the “Chicken Coop” path in Kibbutz Kfar Giladi


In the gallery you will find a special collection of eye glasses from all over the world that I have collected over the years, a wall of eyeglass patterns from the "Galilee Optic" factory, my paintings on eye glasses, unique recycled jewelry from parts of eye glasses, sculptures I created and more. I built a small museum to my greatest fascination – eye glasses!



I launched a line of hand painted eye glasses under the name:

Hand painted eyewear

(See about the process of working in a frame story)

Also, in my store you will find a large selection of frames, sunglasses and special vision, vintage glasses and more.

Today ,( in the last 3 years) , I am also the designer for the   ILENS company. A chain of 20 stores named “Optinice”, which are mainly in the Arab sector in Israel.

 I feel that I am contribution with my knowledge to the rapid development of the leading chain in the Arab sector and in the field of optics in Israel. My position includes participation at international eyewear exhibitions and the selection of collections and models according to the changing fashion trends among all target audiences.


My love for eye glasses goes back many years and I see in this profession the possibility of continuing to develop and to fulfill my dream and express my love for art, shapes and colors through the eye glasses.


I dream big, try to identify opportunities and want to continue to realize myself in the field and touch as many people as possible because EYE GLASSES

Are my true love & passion

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