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The hand-painted eyewear by 

Unique eyewear store

 I paint each frame by hand, dyeing, coloring and decorating one by one.

Work Process


Design & select

Design and selection of models from international optical exhibitions (mainly transparent frames)



Painting the frames in special colors imported from France (some transparent and some are opaque)


Printing & Stones

Special printing with unique patterns, gilded and decorated with special Swarovski stones and small flowers.


Special Lacquer

Special lacquer coating - hypoallergenic for the facial skin which also maintains the color resistance.

Unique eyewear

My Inspiration

One of my first dreams was to design artist-inspired eye glasses and indeed one of my first large collections was inspired by the Mexican painter and artist Frida Kahlo - a colorful and extraordinary personality, a brave woman with a tragic story that preceded her time breaking artistic conventions.

Other inspirations come during my visits to art exhibitions and museums around the world or by seeing amazing nature parts in new visited countries. Like my recent visit to Japan that inspired my Japanese collection as I was so fascinated with its colors, landscapes and culture.


I am also inspired by animals, unique shapes, colors and other things that come my way in my day-to-day life.


I love my eye glasses and I'm happy that I have the right and the ability to engage in what I love doing and so passionate about.

I call my eye glasses " pieces of jewelry " because they decorate and beautify each one's face!"

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